Learning to wait well

Is there such a thing?

That was my initial reaction when I first stumbled upon the message of learning to wait well while God works in your life.

I am a type-A, plan-it-out, kinda girl. And now, I was being asked to let go. Completely. To make known the desires of my heart but then pencils down. Stop muddling. Stop plotting. Stop planning. Just let go. That in itself was hard enough. But then, then I was asked to find joy in the waiting. Excuse me, what? Joy is when I get what I am waiting for, joy is not waiting. Or so I thought.

But then I started to explore what waiting well looked like. And, well, it looks a lot like gratitude.

Because if I am honest with myself, I can’t control it all. I could devise the greatest scheme in the history of schemes and something could, and would likely, still go wrong despite me trying to dot every i and cross every t.

And when I realized that. Letting go became easier and as a result waiting became easier too. But it wasn’t about it becoming easy. That’s not where the lessons are learned. Waiting is hard. But there is joy to be found in the waiting if you can practice an attitude of gratitude.

Let me dig deeper into this for just a second.

Just this past Sunday, I was at church and I was reminded of the season of advent. The season of waiting. I was reminded that believers waited 724 years for the promise of Jesus’ birth to be realized. Seven hundred. Twenty four. YEARS.


I get antsy after a few weeks.

But the lesson was poignant. Because I am waiting. We all are. What we are waiting on is likely different, but we are all waiting on a dream, desire, or goal to be realized. And God isn’t surprised by our desires, dreams, or goals. He knows we are human. What He is asking of us is to let go. To trust Him. Really trust that He is working it out in our favor, even, and especially, when we can’t see it or don’t understand. And when you do that, you can begin to look at your life not with eyes that only see what you don’t have but instead with eyes that recognize all the blessings in your life. Places, people, moments, memories, that have been graced by His fingerprints. To start to see in living color all the ways He is present, has been present, and will continue to be present.

And that joy leads to hope, hope to character, and character to perseverance.

And you need all of those things to make it through the waiting. Because waiting is never easy, but when God shows up the taste of His blessings are much more rich when you have joy in your heart, you can say with confidence that you didn’t compromise who He made you to be, and you fought the good fight, even when it was difficult.

So during this holiday season, acknowledge what you are waiting for. Lift it up. Let it go. And look around with joy and awe at the life you are living. There is beauty in it.


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