Don’t let the door slam

Isn’t it interesting how profound a few words can be? In fact, I’ve always been intrigued at the sentiments, phrases, words, lyrics, or sentences that make it through my maze (see: mess) of a brain and leave an impact. Now, I realize that what does cut through the noise is a completely personal phenomena. A […]


Christmas is 8 days away. And it’s the first time in about 8 years that I will be spending it here, at home in Iowa. You see, ever since my two brothers and I became “adult children” my parents “canceled” Christmas (the tree, the gifts, the hustle and bustle, the stress) and traded in the […]

Loud voices

When I knew I finally wanted to get serious about starting a personal blog, the first task was organizing all of the ideas that appear to me randomly as “squirrel thoughts”. So one night, when I couldn’t sleep, I leaned over my bedside, grabbed my journal, a pen, and made a list of topics/themes that […]